A Week in Review: 05/20/12 to 5/26/12

A quick recap of AFRL and AFOSR news mentions over the past week.

May 21, 2012

Good news for nanomedicine: Quantum dots appear safe in pioneering study on primates
A pioneering study to gauge the toxicity of quantum dots in primates has found the tiny crystals to be safe over a one-year period, a hopeful outcome for doctors and scientists seeking new ways to battle diseases like cancer through nanomedicine.

May 23, 2012

Utah State University students take top honor in national engineering design competition
A group of Utah State University mechanical and aerospace engineering students earned first place in a national design competition, sponsored by the United States Air Force, for designing a system for special operations force personnel to scale buildings or mountain faces under a variety of conditions.

May 24, 2012

Scientist awarded grant to improve electronic receivers used for military applications
According to the University of Delaware’s Christopher Schuetz, the modern electronic battlefield is getting crowded. The crowding, he says, is the result of an increasingly diverse set of threats over an expanding range of frequencies. This expansion has placed additional demands on modern electronic warfare (EW) receivers and sensors used to identify and classify these threats.

Augmented Reality: Fact or Science Fiction?
For years, Augmented Reality has been a technology threatening to happen. Like it’s cousin, virtual reality, it’s something of a science-fiction staple, and a technology that has been hovering on the sidelines for at least a decade.