A Week in Review: 2/23/14 – 3/1/14

February 24, 2014

Dr. McGuffey awarded Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Program Grant
Dr. McGuffey’s project, titled Dynamics of high-intensity laser-driven proton beam transport in solid density materials was among 42 nationwide selected for funding by the program. Dr. McGuffey is a member of High Energy Density Physics Group led by Professor Farhat Beg in the Jacobs School of Engineering. The project will investigate transport of proton beams produced by high intensity lasers. Such beams have exceptionally high beam density, among the highest that can be produced, making them a unique tool to develop basic understandings of energy transport in warm dense plasma, and material survivability in extreme environments.

February 25, 2014

Rein Ulijn To Head ASRC Nanoscience Initiative
Rein Ulijn, a renowned nanochemist who has been one of Europe’s rising young research stars over the past decade, has been appointed the founding director of the nanoscience initiative of CUNY’s new Advanced Science Research Center.

February 28, 2014

Virginia Tech hosting debut student competition to design 3-D printed aircraft, ground vehicles
Virginia Tech will play host to a first-time university-wide competition for students to deign on-demand, remote-controlled 3-D printed aircraft and ground vehicles.