A Week in Review: 12/1/13 – 12/7/13

December 3, 2013

Christine Fox Named Acting Deputy Defense Secretary
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced today that President Barack Obama has appointed Christine H. Fox to serve as acting deputy defense secretary.

AF appoints new space deputy
A new Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space was appointed Nov. 18 to lead the way in innovation in Space. Dr. Troy Meink assumed his new role with the goal of championing the space mission across the DOD, he said, while ensuring cooperation among various DoD, intelligence, civil, commercial and international communities.

A Week in Review: 11/24/13 – 11/30/13

November 26, 2013

Nanotech Innovation Keeps Surfaces Clean and Transparent
A spin-off company from Penn has found a way to solve the problem of keeping surfaces clean, while also keeping them transparent.

Nelum Sciences, created under an UPstart program in Penn’s Center for Technology Transfer, has developed a superhydrophobic coating that can be sprayed onto any surface. The water-based solution contains nanoscopic particles that add a nearly invisible layer of roughness to a surface. This increases the contact angle of the material to which these particles are applied.

November 27, 2013

BYU engineers turn to origami to solve astronomical space problem
Partnership with NASA could send origami to final frontier

BYU engineers have teamed up with a world-renowned origami expert to solve one of space exploration’s greatest (and most ironic) problems: lack of space.
Working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a team of mechanical engineering students and faculty have designed a solar array that can be tightly compacted for launch and then deployed in space to generate power for space stations or satellites.

A Week in Review: 9/15/13 – 9/21/13

September 18, 2013

Beyond Quantum Simulation: JILA Physicists Create ‘Crystal’ of Spin-swapping Ultracold Gas Molecules
Physicists at JILA have created a crystal-like arrangement of ultra cold gas molecules that can swap quantum “spin” properties with nearby and distant partners. The novel structure might be used to simulate or invent new materials that derive exotic properties from quantum spin behavior, for electronics or other practical applications.

September 19, 2013

Air Force Support for a Metamaterial Future
Metamaterials have been in the news lately–and not only in technical journals. That is because the attributes of metamaterials are seemingly magical. When arranged just so, these extremely small manmade elements can alter the character of electromagnetic radiation in ways that no other material–either natural or manmade–can.


A Week in Review: 9/1/13 – 9/7/13

September 3, 2013

A Multiview of the Intelligence World
The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) has been involved with various aspects of computer security ever since the idea of computer networking was being discussed. Recently, AFOSR funding was critical to the successful development of a groundbreaking effort, called Multiview, which is a component of the SecureView platform that allows an intelligence analyst the ability to access multiple intelligence agency network feeds on a single desktop while maintaining source integrity with the highest levels of isolation and security.

From Cancer Treatment to Ion Thruster: The Newest Little Idea for Nanosat Micro Rockets
Nanosatellites are smartphone-sized spacecraft that can perform simple, yet valuable, space missions. Dozens of these little vehicles are now tirelessly orbiting the earth performing valuable functions for NASA, the Department of Defense and even private companies.

A Week in Review: 8/25/13 – 8/31/13

August 26, 2013

Bionic Skin for a Cyborg You
Flexible electronics allow us to cover robots and humans with stretchy sensors

New School Year! And Space Robots!

Promoting Small Business for Basic Research Tech Transfer
On 20 August 2013, the Basic Research Innovation and Collaboration Center (BRICC), a partnership between the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) and the Virginia Applied Research Corporation (VT-ARC), hosted a Basic Research Small Business Interchange in Arlington, Virginia to provide technology-based small business insight into Air Force basic research and government small business processes.