#BasicResearch Chatter — Dr. Shery Welsh Meet and Greet Recap

We had a tremendously good time last month introducing AFOSR’s new director, Dr. Shery Welsh. If you happened to join us during the twitter chat on August 25, then we thank you so much for your questions and engagement. Our audience that morning was very active and really asked some tough questions, but Dr. Welsh was on point and was more than ready to answer everything.

Dr. Welsh brings more than 33 years of experience from the Department of Defense as a federal employee. In her previous role, she served as the Science and Technology director of the Missile Defense Agency — seeking cutting edge technology within industry, Department of Defense and National Labs to advance technology to benefit the warfighter.

AFOSR is responsible for the execution of the US Air Force and Space Force basic research programs. “My focus as Director is to strengthen collaborations globally with universities, government laboratories, industry and other Department of Defense components.” The University of Alabama, Huntsville published a terrific article on Dr. Welsh; read it here.

“We pursue and fund research activities in academia, along with in-house research performed in the AFRL Technical Directorates.”

Dr. Shery Welsh

Under Dr. Welsh’s keen leadership, AFOSR provides transformational capability for the US Air Force and Space Force. AFOSR takes smart risks in emerging areas of cutting science that will lead to new warfighting technologies not yet discovered. Visit our BAA to learn more.

Since 1951, AFOSR has funded 82 Nobel Laureates. While many claim Novel Laureates, and we take pride in providing early and sometimes initial funding, statistically on average, that funding came 17 years before winning the Nobel Prize, but in many cases it’s much more. Good research is domain agnostic — AFOSR enabled revolutionary science and technology for the warfighter and all of humanity. To read more of what AFOSR has accomplished visit our monograph.

At AFOSR, we collaborate. We rely on the networks and expertise of our Program Officers (POs) to establish and maintain a collaborative research ecosystem. As the basic research arm of AFRL, we engage across the lab which leads to breakthrough innovations for the US Air Force and Space Force. To learn more AFRL Technology, click here.

We make vital connections in the science and technology ecosystem — connecting AFRL with academia all around the world. We attract and fund the best people — AFOSR invests in diverse talent and programs and leverages Department of Defense programs to find the right people to advance US Air Force and Space Force science. For more information on career and opportunities, click here.

Speaking of Space Force, AFOSR is proud to support the US Space Force with basic research efforts in space sciences. You can hear all about AFOSR Director Dr. Shery Welsh’s vision for space at the AFOSR AMOS conference virtual booth at #AMOS2020, 16-18 Sepember, 2020.

See how the Air Force and Space Force will be working together. We’re excited to be the #BasicResearch arm of the US Space Force. For more information on how AFRL is going to be realigned, click here.

Join us Tuesday, September 29, 2020, time TBD on Twitter as we highlight our International Office – Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development. Our next blog post is going to highlight the questions we received during this Twitter chat – so be sure to check that out when it’s published!