Week in Review: 12/3/17 – 12/9/17


Group maps atomic shifts in charge-ordered manganite

Using a manganite crystal, a group led by Lena Kourkoutis, assistant professor of applied and engineering physics, has described a new approach to characterizing and understanding exotic charge-ordered phases in which electrons are ordered into periodic patterns. These phases are marked by ever-so-slight displacements (shifts) in the arrangement of a material’s atomic lattice and directly determine the properties of a material. http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2017/12/group-maps-atomic-shifts-charge-ordered-manganite


Seeing Through Walls of Unknown Materials

Researchers at Duke Engineering have developed a new way to see through walls using microwaves— without needing to know what the wall is made out of beforehand. According to the researchers, the new approach could lead to applications in security and devices to help locate conduits, pipes and wires. https://pratt.duke.edu/news/wall-scan


Replicating peregrine attack strategies could help down rogue drones

Researchers at Oxford University have discovered that peregrine falcons steer their attacks using the same control strategies as guided missiles. http://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2017-12-04-replicating-peregrine-attack-strategies-could-help-down-rogue-drones


Professor Kentaro Hara receives grant from Air Force

Kentaro Hara, assistant aerospace engineering professor, recently received the 2018 Young Investigator Research Program Award from the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research, which entails a $450,000 grant over the next three years. http://www.thebatt.com/science-technology/professor-kentaro-hara-receives-grant-from-air-force/article_b3ffe208-d89f-11e7-bf67-0fa5ca0a49e3.html