Week in Review: 8/7/16 – 8/13/16


Watch a Tiny Space Rocket Work
Moving a nanosatellite around in space takes only a tiny amount of thrust. Engineers from Michigan Technological University and the University of Maryland teamed up, put a nanoscale rocket under a microscope, and watched what happened.


The Controlling Light
By crossing two counter-rotating ultrafast laser beams in a gas target, scientists controlled the direction and polarization of laser-like beams in the extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray portions of the spectrum. This represents a new ability to manipulate x-ray light using visible light, and obviates the need for inefficient and expensive optics that other approaches must use to filter and steer such beams.


Finding Where the Missing Proton Goes in Water
Researchers at Yale University traced how a cluster of water molecules adapts to incorporate an extra proton, the positively charged subatomic particle, in the formation of an aqueous acid. Their spectroscopic “snapshot” and theoretical analysis of these data indicates that the extra proton resides on the surface of a cage structure formed by the 21 water molecules.