Week in Review: 6/19/16 – 6/25/16

June 21, 2016

Game-changing computational approach takes the guesswork out of materials design

By simulating substances inside the silicon brains of powerful computers, University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers are finding ways to accelerate the arduous process of making new materials. And using this approach, they identified a promising candidate compound that could be used in next-generation vacuum electronic devices for long-distance communications and thermionic energy converters. Led by Dane Morgan, the Harvey D. Spangler Professor in materials science and engineering at UW-Madison, the researchers published details of their advance in the 24 May, 2016, online edition of the journal Advanced Functional Materials. https://www.engr.wisc.edu/game-changing-computational-approach-takes-guesswork-materials-design/

June 21, 2016

Making Computers Reason and Learn by Analogy

Northwestern Engineering’s Ken Forbus is closing the gap between humans and machines. Using cognitive science theories, Forbus and his collaborators have developed a model that could give computers the ability to reason more like humans and even make moral decisions. Called the structure-mapping engine (SME), the new model is capable of analogical problem solving, including capturing the way humans spontaneously use analogies between situations to solve moral dilemmas. http://www.mccormick.northwestern.edu/news/articles/2016/06/making-computers-reason-and-learn-by-analogy.html