New Exciting Opportunity to Partner with NASA Scientists and use Selected NASA’s Wind Tunnel to Carry Out Fundamental Research in High-Speed Aerothermodynamics


NASA and AFOSR are launching a pilot program whereby grant proposers can partner with one or more NASA researchers and/or propose to use a specific NASA wind tunnel. The use of the wind tunnels would represent minimal extra cost to the proposal as normal test operations will be conducted at no charge. The grant proposers would engage NASA during proposal development to obtain a cost estimate for the test activity envisioned. If awarded, the grant proposer would enter into a Space Act Agreement with NASA as the partnering mechanism. The specific wind tunnels available for this partnership are the Langley Research Center Aerothermodynamics Laboratory. Information on the wind tunnel facilities can be found on the following website:

We envision the partnership with NASA researchers to take several forms. For example, a project could have Ph.D. students co-located with NASA researchers during a few months in the term of the grant and have periodic remote mentorship the rest of the time of the grant. Another option is to have NASA researchers to be a part of the Ph.D. defense committee for a student with informal mentorship all throughout the life of the grant. A third option would for NASA researchers to carry out investigations complementary to the grant objectives (computations and/or experiments). Expenses associated with students’ travel to NASA facilities need to be included in the grant budget.

If a proposed project would like to use one of the above wind tunnels, please include an explanation of how the use of the tunnel would enhance the objectives of the proposal and why such objectives can’t be achieved in university facilities. Also, it would preferred that a substantial portion of the overall grant objectives (experimental and computational) are carried out prior to using a NASA facility and the experiments carried out at NASA represent the final validation of the theories or hypothesis developed during the course of the grant.

For this pilot program, the research topics remain the same as stated in the latest BAA for AFOSR on

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