Week in Review: 9/13/15 – 9/19/15

September 17, 2015

U of A Engineers to Lead Design of New Solar Cells to Power Space Missions
Two University of Arkansas researchers working on a promising new material to create more efficient solar cells will lead a corps of Arkansas scientists chosen to develop the next generation of photovoltaic devices used in space missions.

September 14, 2015

You’re not irrational, you’re just quantum probabilistic
The next time someone accuses you of making an irrational decision, just explain that you’re obeying the laws of quantum physics. A new trend taking shape in psychological science not only uses quantum physics to explain humans’ (sometimes) paradoxical thinking, but may also help researchers resolve certain contradictions among the results of previous psychological studies. According to Zheng Joyce Wang and others who try to model our decision-making processes mathematically, the equations and axioms that most closely match human behavior may be ones that are rooted in quantum physics.