A Week in Review: 9/15/13 – 9/21/13

September 18, 2013

Beyond Quantum Simulation: JILA Physicists Create ‘Crystal’ of Spin-swapping Ultracold Gas Molecules
Physicists at JILA have created a crystal-like arrangement of ultra cold gas molecules that can swap quantum “spin” properties with nearby and distant partners. The novel structure might be used to simulate or invent new materials that derive exotic properties from quantum spin behavior, for electronics or other practical applications.

September 19, 2013

Air Force Support for a Metamaterial Future
Metamaterials have been in the news lately–and not only in technical journals. That is because the attributes of metamaterials are seemingly magical. When arranged just so, these extremely small manmade elements can alter the character of electromagnetic radiation in ways that no other material–either natural or manmade–can.