AFOSR Spring Review Provides an Inside Look at the Research Being Funded by AFOSR

We hosted our 55th annual Spring Review from 5 through 9 March, 2012. AFOSR Program Managers discussed what they have funded over the last year as well as insight into trends and plans for the future basic research programs of interest to the Air Force.

The AFOSR Spring Review provides an excellent opportunity for both an introspective self-examination of a wide-ranging research portfolio as well as welcoming the views of customers and stakeholders in the continuous pursuit of cutting edge research that forges the foundation of our future Air Force.

This year we streamed the presentation of AFOSR’s annual Spring Review (SR12) so anyone could watch online and ask questions. You can watch videos from the spring review on our and also download PDFs from our Spring Review Website. We have also embedded the videos below.

Feel free to ask questions of the program managers here and we will try to get them answered.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5